What Are Night Light Benefits? 2019-11-07

So why invest in a night light? You may wonder if putting money down for such a limited-use light is worth it, but there are actually numerous benefits to adding one of these to your nursery or bedroom.

  • Comfort: Can comfort your child if they’re afraid of the dark, helping them to fall asleep more easily.
  • Practicality: Makes night time feedings and diaper changes easier.
  • Security: Allows you to check on your child at night without having to turn on lights, disturbing their slumber — or yours.
  • Safety: Creates a safer environment because you can see your surroundings, reducing accidents. The glow of the light ensures you don’t stub your toe on any crib railings, or step on any toys.
  • Cost-efficiency: Some parents try to illuminate their child’s room by leaving a closet or hall light on all night. This may get the job done, but it’s not as practical — night lights use little energy and they won’t run up your electric bill.

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